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Dar Salim

Multi-Award winning Danish actor, who stars alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in Guy Ritchie’s THE COVENANT. The film opened to rave reviews in US cinema in April 2023, with particular reference to Dar’s exceptional performance. The feature is now streaming on Amazon Prime in the UK.

He also stars in DARKLAND 2, which went straight to No.1 at the Danish box office in mid April 2023, and is the follow up to the acclaimed and award winning original.

In 2022, Dar starred in Netflix’s first feature-length, Danish language original LOVING ADULTS, as well as BLACK CRAB, also for Netflix.

His work in Scandinavia is prolific and includes series roles and leads in BORGEN, THE BRIDGE, SPRINGFLODEN, DICTE, A WAR, TRAPPED, WARRIOR, and for one limited season he led the classic German series TARTORT. Dar recently starred in the Danish series, AGENT, which premiered at Berlinale, and has just finished filming the lead role in the movie VOGTER, directed by Gustav Moller

English-speaking roles include Ridley Scott’s EXODUS, season one of GAME OF THRONES, AMERICAN ODYSSEY, and TRAPPED.

Dar can currently be seen in the first season of Guy Ritchie’s THE GENTLEMEN alongside Theo James and Giancarlo Esposito. He is currently filming THE TERMINAL LIST: DARK WOLF for Amazon.

Dar was born in Iraq, grew up in Denmark and speaks Danish, English, German and Arabic (Dari) fluently.